Toukiden Kiwami
Toukiden Kiwami
Toukiden Kiwami
Toukiden Kiwami
Toukiden Kiwami

Toukiden Kiwami PSP ISO (English Patched)

Toukiden Kiwami

PSP ISO (English Patched)

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Latest Update: 2021-12-25
Toukiden is a third-person monster hunting game which employs groups of players or NPCs fighting together against various monsters during quests. Each player can customize their choice of weapons, armor and skills. Special abilities can be obtained through the usage of souls, or mitama, which can be collected during the progress of the game. These mitama can level up by gaining experience from battles, or by paying a certain sum of haku. Different mitama have abilities with various characteristics, and can be categorised into various groups such as offensive, defensive, or recovery mitama. Upon slaying a monster, the players or NPCs can "purify" the monster, which collects items useful in upgrading weapons and armor. Monsters fall into the categories of small and large oni, with large oni being the boss-type enemies within the game.
Game ID
Release Year
August 28, 2014
Action RPG
Omega Force
Tecmo Koei Games
PlayStation Portable
Rom Type
English Patched
English Patched
.7z [.iso] 1.2 GB

English Translation version 3.0:
Patch based on Kiwami v.1.07
Game script fully translated. based on PS Vita official release.
Added BGM in game info screen.
Improved all cutscenes quality (fixed blur & dark & lag in some cutscenes).

Note: Text contained on images is not translated. If you use PPSSPP you can get the HD-Texture-Pack from their Github which translate those things too. It doesn't work on real hardware.

Failure to do this will result on black screen!

Along with the ISO you will see a folder named NPJH50878. All you have to do is copy it and paste it on the GAME folder. Where's the game folder?

• PSP Consoles: X:\PSP\GAME\
• PPSSPP Emulator: *Install directory*\memstick\PSP\GAME\

After that launch the game it takes it a couple of seconds to boot after the black screen. Just wait. If it doesn't start the NPJH50878 folder is not where it's supposed to be.

• Great Admiral: HoaiTrung97 (From VietNam)
Translator, Hack, Edit… and everything ~Nya~
• Captain: Saramagrean (From Thailand)
For DLC, CWcheat, Support Cutscene.
• Captain: Ace_Ssasin (From Indonesia)
Design Logo and Support Texture.
• General: HaselLoyance (From Canada)
For Test and Upload version PSP Real.
General Backup of Team.

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