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Benzkung is a Modern gaming community, we share games for some of the most demanded handheld consoles, Like Nintendo 3DS, Switch, WII U, PS VITA, PC etc.

We share roms, emulators and programs for PC and Android Smartphones. also you will find best PC & Android Games and Programs here, We focus at making it easier for the person’s who are looking for their favorites games or programs. Our goal is to bring all the retro games lovers together in one place,  we think it would be a great experience for everyone.

We know and respect the rights of the game and programs developers. and we will always suggest if you can afford then buy the games and programs, it will appreciate the their efforts.

We work hard to give our users better experience to interact with our site and we always encourage you to report any problem or issue you notice. You also can contribute to one of the best modern game website by submitting new games to our archive.

So, keep visiting our site and spread the games or programs and news about us to social media and to your friends. We are trying to increase our games collection and programs everyday. and also we are particularly during the time spent settling things. We appreciate your valuable suggestions and feedback.

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